Memutie Gender Resource & Rescue Centre

High  incidences  of  violence  and  crime  against  women and girls early

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The growing influx of gender based violence as high  incidences  of  violence  and  crime  against  women and girls early marriages for young girls FGM and pregnancies at schools which result to drop out and expel from school, disturbingly  high  prevalence  of  problems  amongst women  along  with  other  areas  of  vulnerabilities such as sexual transmitted diseases,  reproductive errors- lend challenging dimension to the work required to be done to make more women friendly and to empower women themselves to create a supportive and enabling environment. The  status  of  women  in  Maasai land is a subject  which  raises  many concerns  and  link the society and other stakeholders as a whole since people retain distinct cultural traits that are oppressive to women. Also lack  of  awareness  as  well  as  lack  of  visible  opportunities  make  them  remain  illiterate  in  most  cases.  At  the  same  time  their  lack  of  confidence  to  compete  in  a  men  oriented  economy  with the same cultural traits that oppress them are also  one  of  the  contributing factors to the oppression of women in different dimensions since due  to  the  unplanned  nature  of  their  growth  basic  service  like  health,  education,  skill  development  has not kept pace with other areas and out reachprogramme like mobile clinics, literacy in skill development classes have not made any significant impact in these areas.

Most women in their areas in Maasai land help their husband in their cultural obligations and also at times of work with the husband in their casual labour and in domestic help in neighboring affluent areas women are not valued and recognized despite women have a lot of manual work to do than men in their cultural dimension. Since they are completely tied up in earning the livelihood and taking  care  of  their  families,  they  have  little  opportunity  to  take  care  of  their  health  and  other requirements.

Findings show that women  play  a vital  role  in  the  development  and  sustenance  of  society  at  large.  On account   of   the   traditional   patriarchy   followed   since   time   immemorial,   often   their   contribution is not accounted and valued.  With  the  changing  times,  the  status  of  women  both  in  the  oriental  world  as  well  as  in  the  occidental  world  has  changed.  Along  with  equality,  and  empowerment,  today’s  woman  has  also  to  tackle  new  challenges  and  shoulder responsibilities manifold specifically in the context of developing nations.

Mimutie Women Organization is looking into establishing gender resource and rescue centre as one of the institutional mechanisms desired to take proactive steps to address the area of concern   is   the   creation   of   Gender   Resource   and Rescue Centre   and   provision   of   services   by looking into   collaborationwith the Voluntary organizations under the scheme of women welfare to focus on rescuing women and being advocate to their rights.  Essentially  the  Centre  is  expected  to  take  care  of  all  dimensions  related  to  women  empowerment  in  a  holistic manner.

The Gender Resource and ResuceCentre is envisaged as instrument to bring Social, Economic and Legal  empowerment  of  Women  particularly  those  belonging  to  the  under  privileged  sections of society and those girls who run away from forced early marriages.

Why Establish a Resource and Rescue Center?

To fulfill the Organization Mission – A resource center is a basic tool in carrying out the mission and the content found in such a resource center will include material concerning philanthropy. Much of the work conducted by this grantmakers organization and community organizations begins with information: about potential recipient organizations; about grantmaker colleagues both local and international; about technical information related to philanthropy, organizational management and government regulations; about many related topics. A high quality information collection tailored to Mimutie organization is essential in serving members of the communities who are in vulnerable. The wide range of activities carried on by philanthropic support organizations requires accurate information available at all times. This resource center will help to eliminate wasted and costly search time and to produce higher quality work, so to maintain a high standard of performance for this rescue centre. The presence of a resource center shows a commitment to excellence within the organization and to the philanthropic community at large. It enhances professionalism and credibility and encourages others to look to the organization for its mission and visions towards women. Mimutie thought about maintaining a resource center that it will demonstrates a commitment to best practices in youth field, so in a larger sense, the entire community philanthropy movement benefits from the quality of the work of its participants in this rescue centre.

To create a record of the Organization – This resource center will collect its own organization’s material to compile a record of activities and individuals for future reference and research. Institutional memory is a critical but often undervalued aspect of organizations. The organization is often the only place in the country with broad knowledge and expertise about community philanthropy because as philanthropy continues to develop around the globe, resource center will play a central role in documenting its history and ongoing work to vulnerable groups.

Main Component of Activities:

The activities of Gender Resource and Rescue Centre are to encompass Social empowerment, Legal rights, Economic initiatives- skill building, Micro enterprise and entrepreneurship development, Health aspects Information sharing and networking aspects after rescue and saving lives, and non formal functional literacy.


Constituents of the Gender Resource and Rescue Centre

In keeping with Mimutie Women Organization the project will attach Multi stakeholders collaboration with the involvement of stakeholders and keeping  this  in  view,  the  main  constituents  of  the  Gender  Resource  and Rescue Centre  could  be  as  under:

  • Agencies concerned with women issues
  • NGOs working with Women and Children
  • Legal and Health Experts
  • Vocational and Educational Experts


Objectives of the Centre

  • To act as  a  catalyst  for  making  women  safe  through  social  legal  and  economic empowerment
  • To improve Health of women
  • To impart skill  for  specific  trades  and  to  provide  forward  and  backward  linkages  enabling women to be a part of productive work force obtain good remuneration.
  • To provide facilities with linkages for school drop outs to return to mainstream education and to provide non formal functional literacy
  • To establish a mechanism for linking existing government schemes for women and to enable women to access it better.
  • To raise awareness on issue  of women relevance  and  provide  legal  literacy  about  women rights.
  • To set up a documentation center within the center which will act as a clearinghouse for various information about women and it will work towards a system of affiliation of the organization working on the same issue.


Functions and strategies:

1) Social  Empowerment-  The  existing  schemes  of  the  Government  for  women  including  their welfare, old age, widows and for empowerment should converge at this window. Instead of duplicating the existing set up of concerned departments, the centre should act  as  a  facilitator  and  provide  awareness  for  better  implementation  of  the  schemes  and to reduce the gap between the beneficiaries and the service provider. The  Centres  shall  be a platform  for  awareness  generation  on  social  issues  relevant  for  women  disseminating  knowledge  about  their  rights,  privileges,  opportunities  and  threats.  Issues  such  as  safety  of  women,  female  foeticide  shall  be  addressed through the information facilitation networks.

2) Economic  Empowerment-  The  Centre  will  help  to  identify  and  provide  training  in  conventional and non-conventional trades specifically through creation of Self Help Groups.The   Centre   will   have   a   tie-up   between   beneficiary   and   relevant   implementing agencies.  The Centre will promote micro-enterprise development and establish effective marketing linkages.

3) Health- The Centre will help in organizing general Health check up at regular intervals for check up and issurance of referrals the center will ensure to cater psychologically for the girls rescued from fgm and early   forced marriages. The centre will also promote sex education to adolescent in order to ameliorate morbidity in STD, early pregnancies and AIDS cases. The Centre will  act  as  a  modal  point  for  creating  awareness  on  the  status  of  girl  child  and  as  a  motivator for reduction in female foeticide.

4) Education-  The Centre would endeavor to promote education among girl child and to reduce dropouts through linkages with open school and take up adult literacy.

5) The  Centre  should  closely  liaise  with  NGOs  of  the  area,  with  lawyers,  doctors  and  councilors to promote reporting of cases of violence and other crimes against women in the community and also to activate re-conciliation proceedings.


Methodology of Work:

The Centre will promote interaction with registered organizations and community groups, which are working at the districts level. In order to achieve the same goal, this center will  identify  modal  NGO  and  other  field  NGOs  for  acting  as  resource  center  and  activity  centers.  It is expected that the Gender Resource and Rescue Centre will be able to draw upon the resources of  all  the  categories  of  women  who  have  a  potential  to  contribute  to  the  overall  development of the economy. Women will be encouraged to set up enterprise though self Help Groups.  Interaction  between  the  educated  and  uneducated  groups  will  be  the  focal  point of development of the Gender Resource and Rescue Centre so that all the three groups over a period  of  time  are  able  to  contribute  each  other’s  development  and  at  the  same  time  achieve  the  overall  objective  of  women’s  empowerment.  Centre  wise  action  plan  for  interaction  of  these  women  groups  and  development  in  a  phased  manner  will  be  worked  out in close cooperation with the government, service providers and the NGOs.


Activities:   1)   Social   Empowerment:  

  1. a) The Centre will act as a clearing window and keep forms regarding all relevant schemes of the society and the Government are as pertaining to women.
  2. b) Provide assistance for seeking help to any women with grievance by contacting the concerned department and the field NGO for ensuring proper follow up by the service provider.
  3. c) Centre will organize training camps for girls for developing:
  • Negotiating skill
  • Self-confidence
  • Counseling
  • Gender issues
  • Leadership
  • Civil defense
  • Self defense


2) Legal:

The   center   will   organize   periodic   legal   awareness   camps   and   help   in   counseling/redressal of legal problems through follow up on cases pertaining women.


3) Education:

The center will identify school dropouts through the NGOs working in the area. These girls will be encouraged to enroll in the open schools and the field NGOs will maintain close link with the beneficiary to ensure continuation of the programmes. Functional literacy amongst adult women has to be a particular focus.

4) The  Centre  will  also  impart  gender  education  for  which  material  and  training  capacity will be developed.


5) Health:

The center will associate nearby government hospitals, dispensaries and health workers for holding General Health Camps where general check up as well as screening for RTI, STD and AIDS cases will be done.


6) Economic empowerment: 

The  center  will  promote  vocational  training  in  conventional  and   non-conventional   trades   and   aim   to   develop   entrepreneurs   with   marketing  activities  for  both  products  and  services  linkages  would  be  established  with  different schemes.


What do we need? 

  • Although this resource center needs money and land to acquire and fulfill the existing land provided by the village after being impressed with the work we are doing to save young girls from forced early marraiges and send them back to school and our other activities have been a good sign and witness to how we save vulnerable girls and women from cruelty ge
  • cement
  • bricks,
  • steels,
  • sand,
  • stones,
  • concrete,
  • crafts,
  • laborers,
  • ceiling boards,
  • doors,
  • beds and tables later, and other items that will help in training girls and women to develop self-development skills.


Methods to accomplish this after a concrete building include:

  • Hire an information professional for an initial period of time and include a staff training component for those who will continue to staff the resource center.
  • Hire a consultant to plan and implement the project.
  • Create appropriate staff to get basic technical training about maintaining a resource center.

Proposed Memutie Gender Resource & Rescue Centre


In this center we rely on various stakeholders to provide us with what they can help to achieve this according to what we need. At all stages the acquisition of this center will be made clear as we believe that it will not only be part of saving girls and women to live there for a while and be safe but will also be part of providing training for all to learn how to cope with life’s challenges.

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