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Mimutie Women Organization (MWO)

The Mimutie Women Organization (MWO) has been able to register significant achievements through working with pastoralists communities in several districts of Ngorongoro, Arusha, Simanjiro, Longido, and Monduli, in areas of environmental protection and fight against climate change, education, community development, and economic empowerment with a particular focus on empowering women and children living in poverty and harsh conditions. MWO has also been successful in empowering women and girls to demand their rights to access education and economic opportunities. Furthermore, the organization has invested in empowering women and girls to fight gender- based violence in all forms, such as female genital mutilation and early child marriage in selected districts of Ngorongoro, Longido, and Mondul.

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  1. Memutie Gender Resource & Rescue Centre

    High  incidences  of  violence  and  crime  against  women and girls early

    $0.00 donated of $100,000.00 goal
  2. End Gender Based Violence

    Ngorongoro district is the one of the highest prevalence rates of gender based violence in the country.

    $0.00 donated of $2,531.09 goal
  3. Mimutie Orphanage Home Center

    Mimutie Orphanage Home Center

    $0.00 donated of $17,815.00 goal
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Join The Community To Give Education For Maasai Girls

Educating a girl child helps her develop the ability to make informed decisions, join the work force, overcome poverty, and benefit her community at large, thus contributing to the development of our nation.