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A non-profit, non-governmental, non-partisan and non-racial organization based in northern Tanzania working with marginalized pastoralist women and girls. Mimutie provides support and education in five key areas.

Economic Empowerment.
Access to formal Education for all girls.
Reliable Health Care.
Agency .
Prevention of Gender Based Violence..
Mimutie is based on the traditional Maasai name meaning “it is never too late".
Maasai Women and girls have equal opportunities to participate in and contribute to pastoral society free of gender discrimination, oppression, stigma and traditional sexual practices that hinder their development and freedom
MWO aims to assist and/or influence pastoral women and girls.
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Strategic Goals

  • Formal Education

    Equal access to schooling at all levels
    Leadership training for women
    Removal of stigma and gender discrimination in schools system
  • Health Care

    Information on reproductive health, family planning and the harmful traditional practice of FGM
    Improvement in access to health care facilities/clinics
  • Economic Empowerment

    Access to income generating opportunities
    Skill development in entrepreneurship for women
    Education on sustainable environmental practises
  • Agency

    Right to land and property ownership
    Right to influence (have voice) and decision making in the community
  • Gender based Violence

    Prevention strategies to reduce gender based violence
    Access to rescue/shelter for victims of GBV
    Strategies to eliminate FGM and child marriage