End Gender Based Violence

Ngorongoro district is the one of the highest prevalence rates of gender based violence in the country.

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Gender-based violence is one of the most prevalent human rights violations in the world. It knows no social, economic or national boundaries. Worldwide, an estimated one in three women will experience physical or sexual abuse in her lifetime. Gender-based violence undermines the health, dignity, security and autonomy of its victims, yet it remains shrouded in a culture of silence.
Women and girls in Maasai community are at risk or that have been subjected to GBV are often not able to afford housing and might also require assistance in navigating the judicial, police, health and social services systems. Safe shelters offer protection while supporting and empowering survivors to become self sufficient and independent. It has been argued that safe shelters are not only a response but also a voice in the fight against GBV as they play a role in raising awareness and in generating social change.


Ngorongoro district is the one of the highest prevalence rates of gender based violence in the country. Women and young girls are facing Physical violence, Psychological violence, Sexual violence including rape, Female Genital mutilation also Forced marriages. All these happened for a variety of reasons both cultural and economic reasons. Different stakeholders work with families, community members, Local Government Authority and local leaders to ensure children and women in Ngorongoro they know their rights, remain safe, and receive the emotional care and support they need to thrive. In the fight against Gender Based Violence Mimutie Women Organization experienced the challenges of missing the safe place to accommodate the victims of Gender Based Violence while resolve the matter because house of the victims in not the safe place for them. The organization proposed to rent a secret house which will help to accommodate the victims for a while.
• Women
• Children
S/n Description Unit Unit cost Frequency Total
1 House Rent 1 400,000 3 1,200,000
2 Care giver/Matron 1 250,0000 3 750,000
3 Watch man 1 15,0000 3 450,000
4 Bed/ double decker 6 300000 1 1,800,000
5 Bed for Matron 1 150000 1 300,000
5 Mattress 12 50000 1 300,000
6 Mattress for Matron 1 180,000 1 180,000
7 Sheets 12 15,000 1 180,000
8 Gas cooker 1 160,000 1 160,000
9 Water giants 2 30000 1 60,000
10 Rice 50 2400 1 120,000
11 Beans 50 2400 1 120,000
12 Ugali flour 50 1700 1 85,000
13 Cooking oil 20 5000 1 100,000
14 Sugar 25 2700 1 67,500
15 Seafood/dagaa 20 1500 1 30,000
16 Total 5,902,500 =$ 2531.09

Below is just a standard four kid absconded from school for the reason of being married.She rejected and the trauma she has encountered is beyond personal  description.She was beaten to almost death.Memutie advacte include me went to defend her right till she was given back her right to return back to school after three months of dismissal from school.

Here below is another image that display domestic violance that has deepened it’s root for centuries among this particular community.Women are overly beaten by their husbands since they have no voice among the male dominated society.



This one is under the maltilation process,domestic violance has been a part of this community.Imagine the trauma these girls go through everyday.Many die  because of over blooding.

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