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Women Conference

Women Conference  and leadership  Dar es Salaam soon join us on social networks. “Inclusion of women in the economy makes good economic sense. We can’t transform Africa without bringing women to the fore front there has

Celebration of Women defenders on human rights

Celebration of women defenders of Human rights that every year on Nov 29 we celebrate around the world.

Mimutie Women Organization Launching a Project

Mimutie Women Organization launching/ introducing a project to build the capacity of directors, planners and accountants of 15 civil organizations benefiting from UNDP 2022 grants from different provinces in the country.


I thanks God for being able to be awarded the second award together with certificate on 8th of December 2020 as one of the human rights defenders for opposing violence against women and children in the

It is the responsibility of all of us to ensure gender equality.

It is the responsibility of all of us to ensure gender equality will be observed at various levels such as decision making councils in local, district, district and even the Nation governments.

Thanks Giving

Now is the time for changing our minds from negative thoughts to positive thoughts, we have to engage wemen & giving them opportunity to be leaders in their surrounding villages and societies, we have to support