The Maasai girls are denied access to education by the cultural system which is skewed in favour of men in a predominantly male dominated society which is still in the 21st century based on age-old cultural system and traditionalism. The problem of illiteracy of women contributes to entrenching women powerlessness and resultant denial of their human and socio-economic and political rights. Education for girls contributes to long term solution to this problem. A girl’s school which provides quality education in the village is one possibility of initiating the process of educational and cognitive empowerment of women in the traditional Maasai society.

I am standing with 3 young girls who have just been circumcised , ready for being married off at the age of 12 years old only. What a terrible practice. I managed to rescue the one standing in the middle and is now continuing with primary school but the risk is still there that after finishing she will be married off as usual

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Rose Njilo - Director

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