About Us


Mimutie Women development organization is a registered non-governmental organization based in Arusha Tanzania.

It was founded in 2014 by a woman, Rose Ormorijoi Njilo who could not sit back and simply watch the rampant violence against women and girls taking place in her Maasai communities.

Mimutie empowers women to enhance sustainable equitable and human development for Maasai women through access to Education, Women Economic Empowerment and maternal health and gender based violence against women and girls

For more than three years, Mimutie has been mobilizing entire Maa communities to break free of domestic violence and to respect and value the rights of women and girls.

We believe that violence against women does not just happen, but is entrenched in societal norms and practices, therefore we strive to tackle the root causes of violence.

In collaboration with a wide network of partners, we work to facilitate an enabling social and legal environment for women and girls and to create opportunities for communities to organize towards preventing violence so that women and girls are able to live life fully.


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